Proposal Preparation

Business Policies

All Semel Institute contract and grant proposals are submitted according to the process below. WHY? Awards are issued to the institution (UCLA) & not an individual PI. Proposals must be reviewed prior to submission to ensure compliance with department & institutional policy.

all five v1
Confirm your intent to submit and add proposal to the OES review calendar.
Email: Include: PI Name, FOA, Due date
Proposals are reviewed by the Department to confirm eligibility/budget/chair approval
and forwarded to Institutional Signatory for compliance review/submission

State/Local Government

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Industry Clinical Trial

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Industry Non-Clinical Trial

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Outgoing Subawards

Including a subaward on your UCLA proposal?

A Subaward Package must be provided with your UCLA application for each proposed subrecipient. It is the responsibility of the UCLA PI/Preparer to work with the subrecipient to obtain a completed package.

Required Components of Subaward Package*:

Items 1-5 are completed by Subrecipient. Item 6 is completed by UCLA PI.

  1. Subrecipient Commitment Form: Collects required administrative information about the subrecipient related to the work proposed in the application.
  2. Statement/Scope of Work (SOW): Describes the work to be performed by the subrecipient including defined responsibilities, expected timelines/milestones, and deliverables (reports or end products).
  3. Detailed Budget and Budget Justification: Provide a detailed budget and justification for the entire sub project period, even if a detailed budget is not required by the sponsor. Budgets must follow sponsor guidelines and required templates.
  4. Subrecipient’s Federally Negotiated Rate Agreement (if applicable)
  5. Other Documentation Required by Sponsor (biosketches, resources, equipment, letter of support)
  6. UCLA Subrecipient vs. Contractor form: Per UCLA OCGA process and the Uniform Guidance 200.330, this form must be reviewed and completed by PI in order to determine whether the agreement between UCLA and the third party receiving funds constitutes a Subrecipient or a Contractor (Vendor).

*Documents must be provided in English (foreign subrecipients)
**Type 3 Subrecipient Commitment Form (Attachment B) the following may also be required at the award stage:

Steps For UCLA PI/Preparer Coordinating Subaward Package

It is recommended that subrecipients be given a deadline of 2 weeks prior to the sponsor deadline. This will allow the UCLA PI/Preparer to incorporate the subaward package into the overall proposal in time to meet the 8-business day deadline to the Semel Pre-Award Team (

STEP 1: UCLA PI completes and signs the UCLA Subrecipient vs. Contractor form

  • If proposed entity meets the criteria for a subaward, move to STEP 2
  • If proposed entity meets the criteria for a contractor/vendor do not collect a subaward package

STEP 2: Communicate the Subaward Package Info to Sub PI and manage timeline

  • UCLA PI/Preparer send email to Sub PI/Sub Preparer with instructions, timeline and form attachments. Contents of email should include:
    1. Sponsor Name
    2. Funding Opportunity Announcement
    3. Title of UCLA application
    4. Project Period
    5. List of requested items from sub for Subaward Package (see table above)
    6. Any additional information (budget limits, salary cap reminders)
  • Review Sample Email Language here

STEP 3: Manage Subaward Timeline and Review documents for correctness, completeness

  • UCLA PI/Preparer stay in regular communication with Sub PI/Sub Preparer in order to meet requested deadlines.
  • Send regular reminders, review documents for completeness/correctness as soon as you receive – edits may be required.

STEP 4: UCLA Preparer Organizes files into a Single Subaward Package File

  • UCLA Preparer will generate a single PDF of the Subaward Package (one PDF for each sub) in the following order:
    1. UCLA Subrecipient vs. Contractor Form – signed by UCLA PI
    2. Subrecipient Commitment Form –signed by Subaward Institutional Official
    3. Scope of Work
    4. Detailed Budget and Justification
    5. Other requested documents
  • Name each Subaward Package PDF File using the same naming convention (Subaward 1_Duke, Subaward 2_UCSD)

STEP 5: If UCLA Proposal is submitted via Cayuse Only:

  • Upload Subaward Packages under the UCLA Proposal Summary / Supporting Documents section rather than the individual subaward Proposal Summary option. It is easier to review internal forms if they are housed in one place.

Supporting Documents Summary